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Delhi’s Theia Eye Care Clinic for Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are characterized by the clouding of the eye's natural lens, often associated with aging but can affect people of all ages, including infants and young children.


This condition leads to symptoms like blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and glare.


As cataracts progress, they can significantly impact daily life, hindering activities such as driving and reading.

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Who Is at Risk of Cataract?

- People aged 60 and above

- Individuals with prolonged use of steroids

- Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays

- People with diabetes

- Those who have suffered eye injuries

Determining the Need for Cataract Surgery

At Theia Eye Care Clinic, our cataract surgeons conduct a thorough eye evaluation to diagnose cataracts and assess your best corrected visual acuity (your vision with glasses). You'll also have the opportunity to experience how your vision would be with trial lenses in your day-to-day life.


If you find that your vision with glasses is uncomfortable and there are no other underlying eye diseases affecting your vision, your surgeon will discuss the possibility of cataract surgery in Delhi and the available techniques.

Cataract Treatment in Delhi

While there is no medication for cataract treatment, surgery has proven to be an effective solution. Advancements in technology have made cataract surgery safer than ever, with minimal risks involved.


The decision to undergo surgery depends on the extent of vision impairment. Some individuals with cataracts may experience improved vision with eyeglasses, magnifying lenses, or enhanced lighting. However, surgery remains the definitive cure for cataracts. If both eyes are affected, each eye's operation is scheduled and performed separately.

The cataract surgery involves two major steps:

Step 1: Cataractous Lens Extraction

- Extracapsular Cataract Extraction (ECCE): This procedure involves breaking up the cataractous lens using laser technology or ultrasound waves (Phacoemulsification) and extracting it through a small tube while leaving the lens capsule intact.


- Intracapsular Cataract Extraction (ICCE): This older procedure involves removing the entire cataractous lens through a larger incision, which is then closed with stitches. This method is now obsolete.

Step 2: Replacement for the Lens

Following lens removal, it can be replaced with one of three options:


- An intraocular lens (an artificial lens placed during cataract surgery).

- A contact lens.

- Special cataract glasses with powerful magnification.


Currently, the majority of patients opt for intraocular lenses.

Types of Intraocular Lenses (IOLs):


Corrects distance vision; reading glasses may still be needed.

Monofocal + Depth of Focus:

Corrects distance and intermediate vision but requires reading glasses.

Trifocal (Multifocal)

Corrects distance, intermediate, and near vision but may result in halos and glare.

Toric (Available in Monofocal, Monofocal + Depth of Focus, and Trifocal)

Corrects astigmatism when present.

Latest Surgical Techniques at Theia Eye Care Clinic

Theia Eye Care Clinic is at the forefront of utilizing cutting-edge technology and surgical techniques for cataract treatment in Delhi. Some of these include:


- AI-LenSx, Artificial Intelligence-Based Robotic Femto Laser Cataract Surgery: This FDA-approved technology utilizes artificial intelligence during surgery for improved outcomes, particularly in managing astigmatism.


- Zepto Capsulotomy Device for Cataract Surgery: This handheld device creates precise capsulotomies and is employed in special cases like Brown Cataract, White Cataract, and One-Eyed Patients.


- Microincision or Regular Phaco Cataract Surgery: Conventional phacoemulsification and Microincision surgery are used for lens removal, with the latter offering improved stability for intraocular lens implantation.

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